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If someone asked you to summarize the Bible in just a few sentences, what would you say? What is the big picture of Scripture? How do we put it all together? Is it a reliable record of history? A book of rules (or examples) to follow? A love letter from God? Some of us get really interested in some of the details of Scripture, but we find it hard to see the big picture. Maybe you love the Scriptures but never knew there was a big picture. Well, there is one, and Covenant Theology helps us to see what it is. The Bible is a story about redemption. Well, actually, it's a story about ruin and redemption. It's a story about how through one man, ruin came to us all—but through Another, redemption would come for us all.  It's one, single, over-arching story that's told through Scripture; and this story is told primarily through the covenants. Through God's covenants with Adam, Noah, Abraham, Israel at Sinai, and David, we come to learn more and more about the redeemer and the salvation He would win for His people. As a seed grows into a tree, the gospel was given to Adam in seed form in the garden, but it unfolds progressively through Scripture.  And like a musical symphony, these covenants compliment and build upon each other, reaching their fulfillment in the new covenant in Christ. It's no wonder noted theologians have said, “Covenant theology is just the gospel.” The Bible is an incredible story about ruin and redemption.  Come see how the covenants of Scripture help us to fit it all together.


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