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After Moses and Joshua, the church went through a dark season in their history.  We blush as we read through the account of the judges. But instead of letting His bride walk out the door, the Lord responded by renewing his vows with her. God would give His people a king. And at first, it seems that Saul was the answer. But when Israel's first king fell, the Lord was pleased to raise up a second king—this time it would be different. The Davidic Covenant is the next stage and the final Old Testament manifestation of the Covenant of Grace. The promises God makes to David in 2 Samuel 7 are centered around David's throne, David's city, and David's lineage. But we come to learn that behind these temporal promises are eternal realities. Just like all the other manifestations of the Covenant of Grace, this one is ultimately about Jesus and the gospel. In the covenant with David we learn that the Messiah would come forth from David; but we also come to learn that the Messiah would come for David. Jesus would come into the world as David's seed—but He would also come to be his Savior. In this lesson we unpack why it is that the Puritan Francis Roberts writes, “God's Covenant with David, was his Gospel to David.”


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