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The story of Scripture is the story of two men: Adam and Jesus.  When Adam ate from the fruit of the tree, death spread to all men.  When he sinned, something alarming and unexpected happened—we died.  This is because he was the covenant head for all humanity.  He represented all of us.  Ruin came to us all when Adam believed the snake and disobeyed God's command.  But the astonishing news about Jesus is that our salvation works the same way.  We died because Adam disobeyed—but we live because Jesus obeyed.  Did you get that?  Your salvation, security, and day to day standing with God isn't based on your obedience—it's based on Jesus' obedience.  Our first covenant head brought us ruin.  But the second brings us redemption.  When David conquered Goliath, it meant victory for all Israel.  That's your reality in Jesus.  In this lesson, we walk through these amazing truths, recorded in Romans 5:12-21.  As we do so, we deal extensively with the doctrine of imputation—the imputation of sin in Adam, and the imputation of righteousness in Jesus Christ.


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